Cat Depot Rescues Cats

Jaden a rescue cat

From our friends at Cat Depot in Sarasota, FL ~

Like every shelter and adoption center, Cat Depot had a full house and a waiting list of cats to get in when they heard about 10th Life Sanctuary cats in need of rescue.

At the 10th Life Sanctuary, the owner, Maury Swee, claimed that he gave unwanted cats life-long care in a stress free environment. Instead, he conducted scientific research on them and housed them in deplorable conditions uncared for without basic necessities for a healthy life. On November 25, 2009 Swee was forced to surrender the cats to authorities.

Knowing that it takes everyone giving a little to get a whole lot done, Cat Depot decided to take 10 cats. Once they arrived and saw the cats and the horrific conditions, they ended up taking 12 cats back to their facility. On Friday, December 4th, they went back for 12 more.

They report that these kitties could not be more loving. The minute anyone walks into their room they jump up and run to the front of their cages and reach through the bars, talk and purr!

If we can find these wonderful orphans permanent or foster homes, Cat Depot can help even more cats.

You can help by adopting or fostering, (we will help with arranging transportation), having your rescue group take in even one or two of the cats, and by spreading the word so we can all help as many of these cats as we can.

You can see photos of the first group of cats at Cat Depot.

You can join the Rescue of Cats from 10th Life Sanctuary on Facebook.

You can make a donation to the Give Forward fundraiser ~ no gift is too small!

Thank you!

Hugo a Rescue Cat


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