Jim – A Cat For Adoption

Jim a rescue cat

Meet Jim, a Siamese-looking cat without the yowl. Can you believe that someone abandoned this handsome boy?

Jim is a sweet tempered fellow who loves pets. When he does elevator butt, he ends up flopping on his side and moving in circles on the floor as you continue to pet him.

Jim gets along well with other cats and is very even tempered and easy going. The only time he is in the least demanding is when he wants pets, sometimes he just can’t enough of them!

And yet, he can be quite content on his own lounging in the sun or just enjoying the fresh air.

Below is a video recently made of Jim during a petting session that he solicited from a caregiver.

Do you have room in your heart and home for an abandoned Siamese looking cat with a sweet disposition? Please contact the Cat Adoption Department at Best Friend’s at catadoptions@bestfriends.org or use the Contact Form for information on how you can bring Jim home with you.


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