Meet Sterling

Sterling a rescue cat

Meet Sterling, a handsome and social grey and white cat for adoption.

Sterling and I have been friends for nearly two years and I can tell you that he is as charming as he looks!

He is friendly, loves pets, knows his name and likes to play. His fur is soft and he will give you head butts to let you know he is happy to see you.

Sterling will want attention when you bring him home. Since he was rescued with over 800 cats in a case of institutional hoarding, he feels like he hasn’t gotten enough one on one time with people.

And dormitory living hasn’t helped. Although he gets along with other cats, he thinks that living with 20 to 30 in cat quarters is a little too much.

He really needs to find a family. He will just blossom once he gets into his very own home. Is Sterling the purrfect addition to your family?


Hugo a Rescue Cat

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