Miss Aurora Adams

aurora a great kitty rescue cat gets adopted

Miss Aurora Adams is going to a home tomorrow and I have to admit to having mixed feelings…

You see, Bob and I have always planned on adopting Aurora – when and if – all those things that make you pause before you add another feline to your family.

For us it was a combination of how many cats are currently members of our family, how many cats we are fostering, do we need to leave a spot for an emergency and finally – for how many cats can we and our living space make a good loving home.

Every visit to Best Friends everyone would ask, “Are you taking Aurora home this time?”

“No, not yet,” was our reply.

And now it is too late, leaving me with a hole in my heart that won’t let the tears stop. I know they will, but for the moment I am allowing myself this small token of sadness.

On the flip side, I am a glass half full person and in that spirit I have to send out positive energy to Aurora on her travels tomorrow and on her new home. I want her to like it, to be happy there, to adjust quickly, to make it her own.

There was some question as to whether or not Aurora was leaving tomorrow and when I finally found out she was leaving, it was too late for me to say goodbye. She is safely secured in an enclosure at Hope House in preparation for her journey that starts early tomorrow morning and it was the end of the day with no way for me to see her.

But, I have had a good week visiting with Aurora and that helps – at least I got to spend time with her before she left. In my quiet despair, I went up to the Labyrinth at Angel’s Overlook. I walked the labyrinth, sat where angels gather, thought of Aurora and made peace with the situation.

I then walked over to the cliffs behind the labyrinth where from one corner you can see the Pahrump Lion guarding the cats from the Great Kitty Rescue that have crossed. Looking down at his calm and strong presence, I felt some peace. I have drawn on that many times before and I will again in the future as I do tonight.

I will always love you Miss Aurora Adams and you will always have a place in my heart!

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  1. Carol Shear says:

    What a gorgeous girl – I can see the love in her face. I would have wanted her too – but then again, you know how I am………Never enough – always room for “one” more……

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