Take a Cat Home for Christmas

Kendra a Great Kitty Rescue cat

Come meet some of my feline friends looking to be adopted or fostered. I know each of these cats personally and have for quite some time now. They are all very special cats, with unique personalities and I and their caregivers have a delightful relationship with each of them.

These cats are survivors of the Great Kitty Rescue ~ resilient, loving and really ready to come home. I have and continue to work with hundreds of cats and while each cat is looking for their forever home, you sense when one cat is “beyond ready” to go home. While they are well cared for, petted and loved, they tire of what we call dormitory living. They get along with other cats, but want a home, a bed, a person of their own. They want to stop living with 20 to 30 other cats so they can get some real quality one on one attention.

Are you ready to fulfill one of these cats dreams? Can you give one of them their forever homes?

Contact us if you want to adopt one of these orphaned cats or have any questions. These cats will love you, I promise!

Hugo a Rescue Cat

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